Dear America, 
12 years ago, my cousin Jeff attempted suicide by shotgun after a crippling bout of depression. A year after that our 3 year old family member picked up an unattended weapon on Christmas Eve and shot himself to death. 
Over the years, I have watched the epidemic of gun violence grow to drastic proportions including people like my family, but also those who were killed in mass shootings across the USA. 
I became a survivor and victim’s family advocate for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action in the state of New York in 2015, 3 years after my friends Erica and Tina’s mother Dawn, principal of Sandy Hook, was murdered in her school along with 5 other educators and 20 1st graders the same age as my son. 
I was horrified that the carnage of gun violence didn’t end at Sandy Hook. Instead it continues to grow to numbers beyond anyone’s stretch of the imagination. 
It is an epidemic, it is a fungus on society. 
Our legislators continue to fail us as a nation by members of Congress who turn their backs on the reality that is the USA. When you cannot go to church, the movies, to the store, outside or to your school, you are not living in the land of the free.
If you’re tired of the death and the carnage like I am, you too, must become involved in the fight to end gun violence in the USA.
Michele H.Davis