Dear America, 
Hey, name is Ethel Johnson.
My experience of my sons death was the devastating thing in my life. On July 18, 2016. I never thought that, that would be my last conversation on the cell phone wit my son. It was a Monday morning that Kashawn called me at 10:08am, and he was asking what was I doing and where was little brother, we talked about him helping his auntie Marcia move the next day which was that Tuesday, he said ma I will call you right back I love you, and he called right back he was playing on the phone with me laughing, cracking jokes something that he never did acting like a big baby that day. He told me at less twice that he was going to call me back and he did. Kashawn told me that he was going to call me when he get where I was going and Kashawn also told me that he was coming to see me and his little brother and his little is jalen and before he hung up he told me that he love me, and he will see us later. Kashwan called back one more time and said I love you and my lil bra bra and my niece told to give her her phone and stop acting like a big baby and I said yes he can as long as I can hear him acting one.
On July 20 the lady that live downstairs from me ask to come here and said sorry for your lost I said huh she said the man off the news came by here to tell you about your son being murder, I said I was just on the phone with my son all morning yesterday my son not dead, at this time we re going through because my uncle passed July 16 so I didn’t think no more about it. Me and my son talked on the phone like every 3 or 4 days so a fews days went passed and have not called so I said to my sister I wonder where is Kashawn he have not called me she said you know how Kashawn is no news is good news she said she will never say that again. I never thought about him being deceased or about what the lady said downstairs that was not on my mind at all. So on July 28, his sister his father daughter sent me a text that a medical advisor message her on Facebook Looking for the parents of Kashawn Johnson. He had been there since July 19 2016. He did not have ID on him. Ok so the next step was going to identify my child when I went to go identify my baby he a hole in his left side of his forehead the size of my pinky finger and I dropped to my knees. Every morning for the last four years that’s all I see is that picture in my head. I had a beautiful service for my son I never thought that I would have being planning a service for my child my first born my only for 19 years before I had another son, but I did and did a very good job. After all was done I went into deep depression I physically start breaking down. I was not eating for the first three months was not taken my medication right I was giving up. I tried to commit Suicide I had to see a psychiatrist. I still seek help today and I meant a beautiful lady sister Donna I didn’t come around from beginning but I’m so glad I’m here. I also have a beautiful mother that has been on my side from day one.
Ethel Johnson