Dear America, 
I want you to understand the pain that I and my fellow survivors of gun violence experience on a daily basis.
I want you to understand the PTSD that many of us feel as survivors of gun violence in this country. I want you to understand what it’s like being a survivor of gun violence, for then you might understand our need for change.
I want these things, but I also don’t.
I don’t want you to feel this agony, regret, and fear that I live with. I don’t want you to have to live this way. I just want you to listen to our stories.
I want you to listen, and then I want you to act.
I want you to call and write to your legislators, and if they don’t listen, I want you to vote them out. I want you to want to make a difference because you see that what we are doing is no longer acceptable.
I want you to make a difference before you become a survivor too.
With Love,
Celeste L Kanpurwala